Kunststof schuifmaat 80 mm / 3 inch


Kunststof schuifmaat 80 mm / 3 inch


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● Millimeter / inch twee meetmodi voldoen aan verschillende vereisten
● Geschikt voor het meten van binnen, buiten, diepte
● Plastic lichaam voor veilig gebruik
● Meetbereik: 0 - 3 inch / 0 - 80 mm


  • Algemene informatie: Type: Schuifmaat
    Nauwkeurigheid: 1/128 inch / 0,05 mm
    Materiaal: Plastic
    Functie: Diepte,Externe diameter,Binnenste diameter,Stap
  • Dimensie en gewicht: Productgewicht: 0,0060 kg
    Pakket gewicht: 0,0070 kg
    Productgrootte (L x B x H): 10,70 x 4,50 x 0,50 cm / 4,21 x 1,77 x 0,2 inch
    Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 12,00 x 7,50 x 1,00 cm / 4,72 x 2,95 x 0,39 inch
  • Paklijst: Inhoud: 1 x schuifmaat
  • Kleur: Zwart

4 Recensies Kunststof schuifmaat 80 mm / 3 inch

  1. Lingstone

    The caliper works well but I find that the calibration was not done right so one has to make minor adjustments to get an accurate reading.

    Otherwise, the plastic is strong enough to withstand minor bending. The markings for the distances do not seem like they could come off easily so it could be durable in that regard too.

    One suggestion: include a user manual in the packaging. (I know that anyone buying Vernier Calipers probably already knows how to use them but mine is one case where I don't really know how to use the reading from the sliding bar.)

    4 / 5

  2. Alan

    Ho acquistato questo calibro al prezzo di 67 centesimi di euro! personalmente non utilizzerò per avere un riscontro sulle punte del trapano usurate che non presentano più il numero stampato. Ottimo anche per misurare in ambito elettronico nel caso di fuori o misurazioni di fasci di cavi. Qualità costruttiva decisamente scarsa, inoltre non presenta nemmeno un blocco per il fine corsa e le scritte sembrano poter venir via facilmente.

    4 / 5

  3. jega29

    - Very inexpensive and decent quality
    - Easy to read with clear markings in both metric and imperial systems
    - Very compact and lightweight, easy to carry in your pocket
    - Can measure both inside and outside with each pair of tips.

    5 / 5

  4. Dmytro

    Увидел я эту чудо штуку и сразу захотелось купить, так как работа связана с механикой и иногда нужно что-то перемерять, а большой штангенциркуль с собой таскать не видел смысла! Из плюсов отмечу размер, реально можно положить куда угодно и вес, который вообще не чувствуется и точность измерений! из минусов - после носки в кармане стирается рисунок цифр!

    5 / 5

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